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Subject : Nature and Health

1. Real weight loss

The weight connection
The prevalence type 2 diabetes is increasing as more baby boomers move into the high-risk age groups and became increasingly over-weight. Not every overweight person will get diabetes, but 85 percent of type 2 diabetics weigh more than they should. Extra fat, especially abdominal fat in the “apple-shape” body, is associated with insulin resistance. Newly diagnosed, overweight type 2 diabetics may banish the disease by adopting a healthier lifestyle to reach and maintain their ideal weight. Even if they don’t reach their ideal weight, any loss makes the disease easier to control with diet and exercise alone.

Gestational diabetes can complicate pregnancy for both mother and baby. The effects of hormonal changes and weight gain during pregnancy increase demands on the pancreas and can lead to insulin resistance. Gestational diabetes can strike any expectant mother but is most likely in those who are over 30 years of age and overweight, as well as those who 9lb (4 kg) or a family history of gestational or type 2 diabetes.
All women should have a blood test for diabetes between the 24th and 28th weeks of pregnancy. If gestational diabetes is diagnosed, the mother will need to modify her diet and monitor weight gain carefully; she may require daily insulin injections for the rest of the pregnancy. Although this type of diabetes usually disappears almost immediately after childbirth, women who have had it are at high risk for type 2 diabetes in later years.

While eating apples or applesauce can help ease diarrhea, drinking apple juice can have the opposite effect. In fact, drinking too much fruit juice of any kind is often the cause of diarrhea in toddlers.

Now , unwell u ill? When to call a doctor 2 days without consulting :
Mild diarrhea can usually be self-managed But Call your doctor promptly for any of the
· Diarrhea that lasts more than 2 days (1 day for a child under 2, a frail elderly person, or someone with diabetes) or if it worsens during that time.
· The appearance of blood, mucus, or worms in the feces.
· Severe abdominal pain.
· Diarrhea that is accompanied by vomiting or fever.

Choose nutritious protein sources. There is no research to support either an increased or decreased protein intake for uncomplicated diabetes, so the recommended amounts for non-diabetics is also appropriate for adults with diabetes. High-quality protein foods(lean meats, meat substitutes, and lower-fat dairy foods) should supply 10 to 20 percent of daily calories.

High-protein weight-loss diets
High-protein, low-carbohydrate diets are a very popular weight-loss regime. While people do lose weight on these diets, there is concern about the effects of high protein and high fat intakes on kidney function, bone health, cardiovascular function, and cancer rates. A diet that is high in protein is likely to be low in fruits and consequently low in the numerous beneficial compounds that fruits provide.

Fasting - It is very beneficial in healing physically, mentally and morally because it not only will purify the body but will strengthen, will power, and self control.

(Non Medical General Knowledge)
When people want to lose-weight, they usually want instant results?

· Any weight-loss plan needs for a lifetime
· How do u ? Daily day-24 hours
· Eat plenty of
· Dieting - keeping the weight off
· Drink plenty of fluids-especially water

Slimming Bother?
Useful points on weighing yourself
· Check your weight, don’t guess.
· Use the same scale.
· Keep the scale in the same place.
· Weigh at the same time of the day preferably first thing in the morning.
· Stand still on the scale distributing your weight evenly.


5 Rules for healthy vegetarian eating
1. Choose a variety of foods, including whole grains, vegetables, fruits,
Legumes, nuts, seeds and, if desired, dairy products and eggs.
2. Choose whole, unrefined foods often and limit highly sweetened, fatty,
and heavily refined foods.
3. Choose a variety of fruits and vegetables.
4. If dairy products and eggs are included, choose lower-fat dairy products in
5. Use a regular source of vitamin B12 and, if sunlight exposure is limited,
vitamin D.


Tips for taking it off
· Eat breakfast, and don’t skip meals.
· Choose your carbs carefully.
· Eat lower on the glycemic index.
· Choose bulky foods.
· Watch out for low-fat foods.
· Downsize your portions.
· Drink plenty of fluids - especially water.
· Don’t deprive yourself.
· Keep your eye on the mirror.
· Never fast.

The healthy used not be remedy of the tobacco, smoke, alcohol. U are avoid tobacco smoke, alcohol mixed be damage healthy, early dead. Avoid tobacco, smoke, alcohol are not available healthy. a medicine are not available avoid tobacco, smoke, alcohol.
Stop avoid, u get healthy then fit will late time. OR u avoid not tobacco, smoke, alcohol. early health will fit...

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