Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The healthy used not be remedy of the tobacco, smoke, alcohol. U are avoid tobacco smoke, alcohol mixed be damage healthy, early dead. Avoid tobacco, smoke, alcohol are not available healthy. a medicine are not available avoid tobacco, smoke, alcohol.
Stop avoid, u get healthy then fit will late time. OR u avoid not tobacco, smoke, alcohol. early health will fit...

Unfit body used be GENERAL medicine, but where good medicine product? Chemical used be medicine product. A chemical see not poison. A chemical is see safe difficult. See unfit well consultant? Where good natural medicine? but a medicine is not difficult. A fit body used not be medicine.

People are unfit his body, but where good medicine? A medicine are never good product.
A stormy climate by unfit body, Avoid tobacco, smoke, drink alcohol double unfit ill by body, late dead. A medicine mixed be tobacco, smoke, drink alcohol third unfit ill by body, early dead.

The healthy are good remedy with fruit & vegetable. We are not avoid tobacco, smoke , drink alcohol remedy by healthy.

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