Friday, July 25, 2008

Do u like who election vote for?
U taken who vote for election in box.After u believe not prime minister, chief minister.
The minister will not sure get future day.
Do u believe minister? U worship god ministerand u pray to minister christams vote for . CONFESS!!! The minister is standing RESPONSIBLE vote for. Give money from minister nuclear to poor people??? Where money? Nuclear? Poor people see not nuclear. From minister take nuclear them.
Poor people make not money available of the nuclear product. . An environment are available, tree used be cash supply.
From minister buy nuclear , but where make money nuclear product ?
A poor people less pay, stay cottage. The poor people can not dearth money petrol, gas, light-bill, loan. And poor people make not expect nuclear. Poor people can accept, save money. not more children….. go bicycle, oil less payment, light-bill some hour ( at night switch on light) , fire cook (No Gas ), work an environment, farmer-agricultural, vegetable, milk….The poor people work less payment, some children confess… next save, good happy... and Avoid smoke, tobacco, drink alcohol? hence Loss make money medical, hospital… and close tobacco, drink alcohol, smoke…
From government get FREE school by poor children and general light-bill, water supply…and very less tax payment.

Rahul Gandhi said RESPONSIBLE newsletter, Will get future day??? ( Rahul Gandhi is small age, he want prime minister, hasty vote for PM)
Congress MP Rahul gandhi’s speech was marked by interruptions by the BSP which led to the Lok Sabha being adjourned when rahul started by referring to his recent visit to Vidarbha district where he interacted with villagers, Sasikala and Kalavati.
He said sasikala’s family earned Rs150 day and did not have electricity though the children were confident of realising their goals. As Rahul spoke of his interaction with Kalavati, a widow with nine children, he was frequently interrupted by BSP members.
The distruptions were so frequent that Rahul was forced to stop after uttering. "when I asked Kalavati"… speaker Somanth Chatterjee later asked him shorten the name and rahul started referring to her as "Mrs Kala" which evoked laughter and also made the young MP chuckle.
He praised PM Manmohan singh for his vision and also lauded the role of former PM Vajpayee is energy security. With BJP members remaining quiet despite his praising the former PM, he said they should at least cheer the contribution of their own leader.
The congress scion said the link between poverty alleviation and energy security cannot be underestimated while dwelling on the Indo-Us nuclear deal.
The Congress MP sought to equate fears over the nuclear deal with that of computers when they were first introduced in the eighties. "See the impact of the computer. Few people believed India would play a major role in IT". Party general secretary said.
The leader say question to Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi ask answer….
1. family’s some children?
2. Do Rahul Gandhi know ? more population fighting city, but get not job, make not payment, not admit college…
3. An environment work?
4. can stick and cut payment private notice of the term & condition in the government ?
5. close pollution, spit , dirty on the road, city.
6. work freedom our country?
7. See Police, army, commando safe security point to terrorist people ?

Rahul Gandhi ask answer…. Next good happy our India country.
OR Rahul Gandhi ask not answer, next India distress……

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