Saturday, July 26, 2008


Next India distress guess???
A people were not study lesson in the India country. Since environment learned newsletter by India people, now forgotten newsletter. The India people are not knowing distress year.
congress won CONFESS... u taken who man liked election in box. after u believe not minister. The minister are standing vote for. u except not vote for. u can accept.
Government heard not by India people. The minister dreaming vote for, Do election win??? who man vote for spoken false newsletter. No see social . No lesson environment.
An environment make not money. it is work important environment. No lesson fee. Free lesson environment...
A tree is important air wind remedy by body hence away out cyclone. An environment are available money.
why used not be tree? Get not cash, come sweat, crowd near stand building house bewteen keep not tree.
The debate about Energy and the Environment presents us with false alternatives. Material progress vs clean environment seem like stark choices with no appeal. Why not have both? Hydrogen's only byproduct when burned is pure water. The bankers and politicans tell us that hydrogen power is decades away and we will have to buy it from them. Both are untrue. Hydrogen fuel generators that make hydrogen on demand, making it safe and FREE, and available now. Hydrogen fuel cells just need a small amount of electricity to produce enormous amounts of safe, free hydrogen fuel. Water fuel allows you to make a water car converting your vehicle so that tou run your car on water. Why don't you have a water powered car using water for gas?
The coming Free Energy Revolution
Now the web lets you have access to long suppressed knowledge. It is easy to convert your car to hydrogen fuel. To save fuel with a fuel cell that by passes fossil fuel and lets you burn hydrogen as a byproduct of water. To use water as fuel just do the conversion yourself, it will take an afternoon. Why alternative fuel? First you will save money ( lots of it). Second you will create alot less pollution! When water is seperated into hydrogen and oxygen and it then burns the only "pollution" is water. The gas engine fuel saver allows some of the hydrogen to burn. Don't worry about supply-hydrogen is the most common element in the universe. Is it real? Millions are already using it. Why haven't you heard of it? The media is owned by the same people that own the oil companies. With fuel oil prices as high as these are you deserve an alternative fuel. Look into converting to a hydro fuel car, saving money and slowing pollution is in style. Hydrogen also burns cooler and gives you more horsepower. There is no reason to buy an expensive hybrid car. Knowledge is power. You will look at oil wars, high prices, and politicans differently when you gain this knowledge that they have kept from you!
An environment are available money.Who says money doesn't grow on's made of paper right?Money. We are all so worried about making it and spending it, but what does money really give us? Sense of Security, Freedom, Power, Happiness? Aren't those things that money cannot buy?What is money really? Money is representative of your time, energy, intellect, and luck, but it is really none of those things, and if you are not clear, money can drain you of your time, talent, and energy and leave a pretty empty hole in it's place.But we need money to survive! And we want to do better than "just get by." We want to support ourselves, our families, and our dreams...we want to thrive! O.K., so money is not the root of all evil. We like money. We want more of it. So what do we do? Plant a Money Tree of course!Right! If it were that simple, everyone would do it. Simple? Yes! The only reason everyone doesn't do it is because they don't know how to activate the Prosperity Principles. These principles are like mathematics. Everyone is able to add and subtract, but simply knowing the principles doesn't balance your checkbook...but putting them into action does!
From hear, poor people make not money nuclear energy, atomic power, not dearth petrol, gas. The minister are standing responsible nuclear, energy, atomic power ,loan, dearth petrol & gas. Where make money?

From government get be FREE water supply, light-bill , admit school by poor people. A poor people except not dearth money petrol, gas. CONFESS less payment, save money, go bicycle. Last school, after get job environment , social worker, etc…
Do not three-four children, stop avoid smoke, tobacco, drink alcohol.
More population are fighting in city, get not job, not admit college, make not money.

Before year newsletter learned family’s two children. Forgotten learnt, now four-five children hence saved not make money, unhappy year, admit not college fee, get not job, make not money.
Avoid smoke, tobacco, drink alcohol ? more population eat tobacco near crowd by people hence smell trouble cough & cancer heart. Women liked not tobacco, smoke, drink alcohol . women opposing his husband. (Dowry ) people avoid smoke, tobacco, drink alcohol hence, cancer heart. go to medical, admit in hospital, make loss money bill; save not money.
Since year avoid closed tobacco, drink alcohol, smoke. Now forgotten newsletter, next people distress.

An environment learnt clean city, now forgotten lesson. It is not difficult environment lesson. Easy work clean. Before year rain dropped water down city, village, land, jungle and was happy year.
Now more pollution dust on the city, dust pollution cloud over sky. Next come not rain drop not water . more population, keep not dust box, build not toilet house. People sit toilet on the road. The railway station, S.T. bus some small build toilet. More population entered not need toilet, out sit toilet on the road.
Unclean city hence natural distress, damage environment.
The government worked not stick spitting , pollution, dust. A demon man lazy work government.
Population admit not college, get not job. state/country entered except college, job hence fighting people.
Who win vote for ? Not lesson environment. And Why make money loss? No need sure nuclear, atomic power, energy…and Will get be future day nuclear ???
From hear newsletter,
some population more money, save money...
more population less money, save not money...

why India people go service to U.S.A.? America people sleep day, call people India go to job. America get not job his country. India people job permanent in america, but election card ???? No need service in America.
From American is his DOLLAR are not available transfer in India country. The India country is his cash rupee freedom…
Iran-iraq-afganistan want nuclear, why not? The terrorist people attack us.

How nuclear consent? Education, foreign exchange, traveler

All world name company job….

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