Monday, June 16, 2008

Before year human evolution were not payment and worked research development. From human evolution worked research development, how money? One person work day, give money by person. Do person keep money his pocket? Why keep money his pocket? Do not keep BLACK money pocket. Person change life wealth. Money are wealth of the assurance, plan pension, medical assurance, life assurance, wholesale, finace, gift, credit, loan other wealth.
The government are not person name register. Take government register department.
Person see not government. Person work day, name bank account, get working payment.

We are newsletter procession working. from newsletter lesson wealth.
Do not BLACK money pocket. Person is work freedom, from bank get payment by person.
The government are keeping more dollar money, change helping donation disaster, etc.
All countries transfer are not money to the government and take transfer money to family, work man. money is dollar cash, why transfer from America dollar to all countries? All countries are not cash dollars. money is his country freedom own work cash supply.
The prize claim and entertainment win dollars. Do not keep BLACK pocket money , change wealth.
Please hear newsletter health & nature..
Avoid are responsible , People is losing money avoid smoke, cigarette, alcohol drink of the health . loss money, Save not money…
Avoid are responsible unclean dirty water, land of the nature. loss money. Save not money.
Money is saving , working get payment by people, change wealth….

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