Saturday, February 16, 2008



Before year man evolution were not lesson. Why confusion?
Man did not know lesson dirty; unclean earth ; an environment; unclean water; dusting. people smelt dirty problem. who taken not lesson?
men remembered smelt unclean an earth and good smelt clean environment. Men researched discovery clean earth, environment, water and agriculture on the land, tree, fruit. People trouble not smelt dirty.

People started lesson all world news.
Now people forgotten lesson news. Again day problem? air-pollution mixed environment. Pollution combined air trouble to citizen. Tension, cough, fever, cancer-breast problem, headache, problem eye , noise, necklace. People are avoid smoke, tobacco, alcohol drink, HIV-AIDS of the healthy. Air pollution combined trouble avoid incorrect healthy, early go to hospital. Poor people are not save money, medical assurance. From government are not donation of the bill money, why not ? more people admit in the hospital. Government are available expedition day free doctor consultant; general medicine. People got not worker payment. Why from government said not building construction, clean city, agriculture worker to poor people and Sponsored by one day payment to music, player, entertainment. Government making disaster donation ; NICHEF;Poor people stop brave. Start people is working payment of the building construction, clean city, agriculture. People are not available government (people see not government). The government is registration office on the level. People work own clean city, agriculture, building construction, take payment. People stop avoid incorrect health, save money medical assurance. Why stop not avoid ? Why close not avoid incorrect government section? People and government are avoid incorrect but next day, Are available not save money work payment to people? Don’t people brave...

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