Friday, February 20, 2009

Congress I and BJP say , Help friendship ? Come brave ?

Except friendship, can’t accept ?
Why see vote for ? No see available. Vote for see us.
Do u like vote for? Who vote for good ?
Can vote for speak speech newsletter SWEETY good ?
Who vote for say not lesson..? why say not lesson ? why say not strictly ?

How nuclear? Exchange- lesson, education, traveler, JOB CARD.

How Help ? helping donation, flood, disaster only. Do not expect, depress, express.

Come Brave ? Stop helping donation, flood, disaster. Now go Lesson work an environment - a tree of bamboo or a Money tree plant. With wood there are so many possibilities, there is literally nothing it can't do, nothing it won't match and no room it won't enhance. A true chameleon of home furnishing, wood guarantees your money will not be wasted.


No spit drop dirty down land. We are working happy day, No trouble work.
Daily day keep tree in the land, put water, Good work a tree of bamboo or a money tree plant, save payment. No loss payment.

Spit dirty drop down land, we are working unhappy day, trouble work and more time work a tree of bamboo or a money tree plant, loss payment , buy product cleaning machine and other new product machine & medicine…

Easy work less time and Difficult work more time…

Easy work less time
How learn observe lesson ? Easy lesson, No difficult lesson. No distress… Hear lesson…
Do Not HIV, AIDS , Dirty, Unclean, unfit body. Save payment
Difficult work more time.
U use dirty, unfit body, unclean land, tension work more time, use HIV, AIDS make more money hence hasty a tree of bamboo or a money tree plant OR can’t time work a tree of bamboo or a Money tree plant. Dirty ? Are strictly section Government ? It is rule Government of law.

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