Thursday, December 18, 2008


Before Year more children, but worked environment, u make not u're family's money.
Now Next more population crowd people. Now environment work money.Now finish two-three children, stop crowd population painful jamming . Why u go to temple? more population painful jamming. u pray confess god in the temple. from where payment satisfication? u work environment satisfication. and come more population. u go not temple. u pray god in u're home.
Do u want u’re children? How u’re children? Have u save u’re money?
Finish two-three children… u are save life. and over three children, u are not happy life. u are problem.
Are u poor? one-two children. And u are poor. U want over three u’re children, u are not saving money. Now u are poor. Next u will not dream future rich. Now u want u;re one-two children And finish two-three children . stop over three children no problem. next save life.

forgotten family planning lesson two-three children? U are not believe u’re astrology & horoscope. Now u are starting save money, finish two-three children. And u are poor u’re one-two children.
U are not saving money. more children loss marriage.

U are rich, want more children? Problem help children? U can not time help more children.

Why more population? get not job need, come terrorist dead suicide .
No need job/service, out india country u go to foreign job. Whose is dollars country? The dollars are not india country. U stay job out india , u are not election card. Are u asia/world office? u stay job out india country, Not permanent stay life?
Countries people sleep work, rest job. Call india people go to America , but USA citizen get not job. Election card need ?

More population in india country. more crowd people more water, less earth & environment. No need stay & job. I say not avoid , India distress ?

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