Sunday, December 14, 2008

Before year human evolution were learn not lesson. The human evolution researched environment. stomach body? eat earth, animal then unfit body. How eat, drink? Worked environment farmer, vegetable, fruit then fit good body.

The human evolution was worked environment, farmer, clean and were not make money.
And was fighting not terrorist and stay not house and environment worked be get eat, drink, vegetable, fruit, flowers and happy good life and save life. we are god, working environment.
u do like pray to god. u pray god, quite rest.

Now why terrorist ?. People searched work day, from government-private get not money by people. Terrorist people get not eat, drink. Terrorist people dead suicide.

Why can not government department? Now less environment department. From where get be payment? A tree used be cash & wood supply. It is important work environment.
U work digging in the earth, keep tree, put water, save life. u are god life. we are god, working environment.

How u learn lesson ? U wake up at down, go work, put water, one tree to more tree…

Why can’t not work? Lazy work Hence get not be vegetable, fruit. From where eat, fruit, vegetable? Forgot lesson by people. people get not payment, next terrorist distress ?

Forgot work? Next distress less environment. then fighting government.
from where payment? Dearth money.
Tease vote for point win said stop work? Can Rest day?

Dirty work- An environment dirty used be malaria bite by dead fallen, fever. why not strict government? Dream tease vote for win said stop strict?

Hear say lesson observe? hear lesson, go work. why we are doing more pray of the god? It is important environment. ...



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