Monday, December 1, 2008

An environment is working important life.
Why u work not environment? Next people are fail year.
How work environment? Used be cash supply, herbal, ayuverdic, wood supply, etc…
Can u work environment? But where from get pay?

U forgot work environment. People is stopping work environment, lazy work people.
One drop tobacco down under earth/road. Forgot work environment, next distress terrorist, bite malaria, more water, more children, dirty city.
How work environment? Tree, farmer, building, nature, clean of save life.
Can’t save life year lazy work people hence terrorist, demon , malaria/insects,
Forgot lesson two-three children, stick notice.

Minister / leadership dreamed win vote for. No say stick, confess eat tobacco.
Dream win vote for friendship except foreign , can’t not freedom…
Minister is responsible speech newsletter. Do u want minister? u worship pray god of the minister… our are not available minister. we are doing own accord volunteer , work environment.

Whose earth country? Our earth is india country. An earth except friendship, from india country earth pick up to stay there? do u like earth country? how u liked sweet earth? now u drop earth coutry, terrorist come attack us...since scolded brave attack us.
From American dollars transfer to india country? Whose is cash ?
American dollars/india rupees?

Today is friend , tomorrow brave, after one day friend, after two day brave.

The terrorist are not working environment... freedom angry brave. Less excellent..Can't payment medicine, eat, drink...

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