Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The natural used not be more tree, empty earth. Sun come heat to earth, burn fire volcano.
Do not break tree... A tree wind away out rounding stormy, clean air. And we can not say break tree. From government say break tree. A tree and an earth between build road, bridge, railway station, house. Move side (left-right) used be more garden, tree…
A tree wind remedy by body good fit.

Before year human evolution were not know water. Thirst and hunger and stomach ? The human evolution was thirst, stomach & hunger how fit body? How remedy body? Human evolution researched eat, drink…know not drink water near river…human drink water. Remembered drink water good fit body, stop stomach, thirst & hunger. And dirty drink water unfit body. How clean water? The human evolution were not learn lesson. A human researched remember smell clean & dirty. Smell good clean and dirty smell.
Dirty water drink unfit body and clean drink water good fit body. How remember dirty & clean?
Human was worked clean earth, water near river….human , animal, wild, bird were drink water then finish water. Where water? Catch water? Do u catch water?
Know not season? When come rainy season? Remember season. Finish summer season, after rainy season over cloudy dropped water under earth. How catch water? The rainy dropped water under earth waterfall. Human saw waterfall, running catch water, keep in the dam . then winter, summer season human drink water. Next remember rainy season.

Now why more water? Water flow river way to sea. More water, next less earth ?

An environment is working important nature. Air clean and Air dirty ?

Air clean environment nature, come rainy season dropped water under earth, waterfall flow water way to sea. On the sea evaporation over sky, cloud go to earth, drop water under earth.

Air dirty environment worsen nature, pollution. Come not rainy season. Over earth away out to sea, dropped water under sea, ice mountain on the sea. Sea & ice mountain dissolve more water. Sea water flow to earth & city. Disaster ? Next more water, less earth , world distress ?
NO more water and NO increase & decrease water-earth. Normally water & earth.

An environment clean ...
How throw water out earth? On the sea evaporation sky (water) throw to space ( out earth).




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