Monday, December 15, 2008

How Tree ?

Before year human evolution worked not tree digging in the earth, put water. The natural used be more tree. The human evolution researched work, how tree? Come summer season, tree crush his leaves fallen under land, yellow color leaves. Come hard sun heat, fallen yellow color leaves , crush tree fallen under land. Then Rainy season , over sky come cloud dropped water under land. New one leaf used be one tree to more tree, more leaves.. Winter season tree fallen not down land. Summer season come sun burn fire point to earth, burn tree, volcano earth.

Daily day u work tree digging in the earth, put water, used be tree more leaves.
A tree used be air leaves wind remedy body hence away out headache, cough, sneezing, pollution and stop go to doctor & hospital. good fit, save money.

People is liking walk march near tree on the road, mountain, garden, out u’re house. Exercise running breath clean body.

How lesson ? It is easy lesson, can’t difficult. Daily day u work tree digging in the earth, put water, used be tree more leaves. And why learn not lesson? Next distress U are tension u’re body, difficult more lesson…

Why work not tree?
U get not save life- fruit, flowers, herbal and used not be cash & wood supply.

Why break tree? Strict, arrest months-year in the jail. we can not say break tree. from government say break tree between road, bridge, railway, house, building construction. move side work digging , put water, NEW TREE...And out city there, more tree in the jungle, over moutain.

Dirty tree- Spit, Toilet used be worse tree, fallen tree. u dirty tree. u are dead.

It is important GOD of the wind leaves... Come festival u break tree, u pray god of the tree. Do not torn. More day u break not tree...

Forgot work? Next distress… u do not know next distress year life.. u stop work tree. Next less tree. Can’t tree life, we are not save life. Dead? I say not avoid dead. U forgot not lesson & work.

But even without any knowledge of the eight sectors of the Bagua, you can easily add life energy to your desk in the form of bamboo or a money tree plant. This can improve relationships in the office and amongst co-workers, as well as attracting wealth and good fortune to you.
With wood there are so many possibilities, there is literally nothing it can't do, nothing it won't match and no room it won't enhance. A true chameleon of home furnishing, wood guarantees your money will not be wasted.


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