Monday, November 3, 2008

Guess ? next Guess? Back maharashtra state?
Can out state enter more population in the maharashtra state? Maharashtra people get not job, stay not home, next maharashtra hindu hide friend mulslim terrorist, fight city,
U do not know next distress year..

Alternate Head india
Whose is technical play name?
Cricket , football, kadaddi -gol kho kho
Top technical football/tennis play chess excellent .
Medium technical play cricket
Down technical kabaddi- gol kho kno…

Entertainment sports player and actor & actress
No employment/service player and movies
why more payment by player/movies? Mistake…(Black money pocket) people get not job, new customer wealth office...
Can wealth package? Really wealth package….

Cricket play more payment.
Football/tennis medium payment
Kabaddi - gol kho kno less payment

Entertainment play.
No play employment/service…

Actor/actress are working entertainment movies…
No employment, service.
Why more payment by actor/actress? Keep money? BLCAK MONEY.
Can wealth package? Really is wealth package…

More more love story action movement work, is less excellent . same college age ..

History , tradition, etc.. action work is smart excellent. ( love story work is less excellent)

Daily day , habit chewing tobacco, smoke, why more more chewing tobacco, smoke out home? Do not tobacco, smoke in u;re home? Do u like eat chewing shrikhand, basundee, jilebee, gulab jam, sugar sweet ? why u eat not chewing more more sugar sweet , daily day? Why u chew more more tobacco, smoke ?
I say not avoid smoke, tobacco them. Avoid tobacco, smoke unfit body. U close tobacco, smoke out u;re home…
Why government closed not stick tobacco, smoke ? tobacco opposed social , lazy work tobacco, smoke hence unclean city, more population , entered hide terrorist,
Why build not dustbin boxes, toilet building ? ( I saw that people sit toilet on the cities)

Why less government department environment ? avoid enter hide terrorist, unclean city, malaria bite by dead people, poor people make not hospital, medicine.

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