Friday, November 28, 2008


Today Hear Newsletter- Bombay attack…
I say not avoid. India Distress?
Before year learned lesson, two-three children, stop tobacco, stick , environment work, march security safe, use tree. Now forgotten lesson. Can’t safe . dirty city, lazy work, drop job by people.
Now less tree supply, environment, clean city- Good life
More dirty city, more people, water, worse environment-distress india…
Whose an earth country? Our earth is country, except not earth to other. Whom citizen people drop earth’s other countries people?
Except not friendship America, muslim coutries with india. But where from pay? Daily day u work environment. U keep water by tree. More leaves supply cash, wood, herbal, etc…
Freedom is our country . can not except earth them.
What is earth? Earth country. Citizen people.
Before year dropped earth. Started scold terrorist.
Muslim terrorist people are less excellent. Scolded terror, got not job. Muslim can not work environment. ( Muslim terror work brave, make money. ) get not job ?? Muslim terror is brave power, dead suicide

Minister said hear that not stick newsletter . minister won vote for.
Minister is standing responsible. Do u believe minister ?

Minster said newsletter , won vote for. Have not signature PROOF? Speech false newsletter won vote for. Minister saw not unclean city, environment, volunteer.
Minster see not social that people sit toilet on city, spit dirty hence used be malaria bite by us, fall ill-fever dead . Not say building toilet big house, dust boxes.
Minister dreamed win vote for. Do u like minister? u worship god of the minister.
Minister is standing responsible, speech newsletter…our are not available minister. we are doing own accord volunteer , work environment.

Hear newsletter….
One drop tobacco down, india distress? Why?
From government Learn not lesson that ….( not stick)
Family’s more children….
More population damping painful, dead people. Entered terrorist .
An environment work less department. Out state building not school, college, office. Hindu religion population drop muslim people,
Drop states entered more population in maharashtra state.
Why u pray more god? U worship pray confess god, but where from pay by u?
An environment and volunteer working satisfy. A god wrote saint poet environment and volunteer…

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