Thursday, October 2, 2008


Why more population?

from government learnt not lesson, two OR three children... NOT family's over three children.
Government lazy work. tobacco oppose social. tobacco lazy work. u see that people sleep day, lazy work.
There are not building house of the office, company, school, college and stay more population , get not job, not admit college.

Why out state entered more population in the maharashtra state ? Next distress maharashtra more population, problem fight…???

Congress and BJP people like stay in maharashtra state.

U heard newsletter that rajasthan state entered more population over 200 dead people in the temple. Not queue line people. people knew not painful jamming . Dawn at 5 o'clock entered in the temple, after came more people crowd in the temple, after afternoon hasty crowd people breathe danger dead.
Crowd more people hasty breathe danger his body, painful jamming dead people . why go to temple? No go to temple. Have u got job payment, fill stomach? u believe pray god in u’re home. U go not temple OR u go temple. u are responsible avoid painful damming go to temple. God satisfied not u. u do work u’r own job. u get not office. change search work, U work environment. God satisfy work.

No leathering
Singh, zardari talk terror between broad smiles….

Congress leadership meet friend out countries. Prime minister singh met sweety zardari president. Why believe? Unbelieve?
The muslim are not terrorist. ( hide terrorist muslim). Our hindu people fight not blast bomb. Muslim terror blast bomb.

Believe indo-pakistan friendship , entered hide mulsim terror in the india country.
Unbelieve friendship, see safe sucrity. muslim terror proof enter in the india country.

The muslim people were stay in india country. Hindu and muslim are opposing religion. Do not debate, fight. Hindu religion is india country. Hindu people dropped muslim . got not job. The muslim people make money for blast bomb in india country.

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