Monday, October 6, 2008

The only way to survive city congestion is to spark a METRO REVOLUTION with the Centre and the states working together…

A revolution on a railway track. It’s that straightforward . engineering a success story for urban India’s daily traffic battles is simple. The answer has already presented itself in the
Capital through a mass rapid transit system built by the Delhi Metro Rail corporation. It’s a blueprint that has to be implemented in the rest of the country.

In maharashtra state…
Not build Metro need In maharashtra ? why?
After the deluge : the devastating 2005 Mumbai floods killed over 4000 people and left many homeless, who said close Metro railway track? Did sharad pawar congress I leadership spoken newsletter close Metro railway track? sharad pawar dreamed win vote for Congress I, say newsletter help life assurance by poor people? Will be get newsletter Proof signature? False speech newsletter life assurance help by poor people ? Where from pay life assurance help by poor people ? Sharad Pawar is responsible speech newsletter...

Can’t build metro railway station? Next india distress floods kill dead people?

Poor people get not job, stay not road, go work New Metro. Railway metro build not top level, Top level break metro railway down accident . Build metro railway under from ground level to top level…

Want Freedom india country? Except india beggar out countries ?
Nuclear consent ?
Believe freedom india?
Friendship india except out countries?
Want Believe Friendship ,
Want Believe freedom india?
India freedom country, Here…
Except out countries , long tour countries ? Long tour problem? interrupt line?

How nuclear consent? Exchange, education, send excellent lesson, traveler .
job need ? all world one name private/government/company .
Countries people sleep day, call india people go to job country ? stay election card?
Get not job countrie's people ?
Why closed muslim country nuclear consent ? terrorist muslim attack us…a mulsim people less smart clever. why drop muslim?

Hindu and muslim are not debate, fight.
Relationship, friend confess. Do not drop job muslim...
Left side hindu and Right side muslim…Government work hindu & muslim...

Who man clever Top excellent Human evolution and history Search past-present-future....

An India country are excellent all world top one number? Confess
Half Foreign enjoy more people sexy romance love, less excellent. An India country is less sexy love and good smart clever…

All foreign people are not more sexy love romance. Smart excellent whom foreign people Research geographic, knowledge discovery , History knowledge, Human evolution research, computer knowledge and less cultural, vedic, poet-saint

Were india country researched computer system knowledge? From foreign computer sent lesson to india country.

An india are excellent cultural, smart clever people india . Research Ayuverdic ,vedic, poet-saint, god of story and less research , discovery.

Alternate Head india
Whose is technical play name?
Cricket , football, kadaddi -gol kho kho
Top technical football/tennis play chess excellent .
Medium technical play cricket
Down technical kabaddi- gol kho kno…

Cricket play more payment.
Football/tennis medium payment
Kabaddi - gol kho kno less payment

Entertainment play.
No play employment/service…

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