Sunday, September 21, 2008

A muslim terrorist make money for blast bomb......

Tobacco opposed social..
u clean in u’re house, not spit in house. Out home people eat tobacco, tobacco spit city. Unclean city. Why u spit not tobacco in u’re house? Why u spit tobacco city?

Are u believe god temple? A god wrote not poet saint tobacco, smoke, alcohol drink.
Eat u tobacco? U are unknown man…less environment work. Lazy work tobacco.
U see people that tobacco people sleep day/night.

I went to dadar, bombay. A police sat on chair, not stand safe suciry.
The police ate tobacco, damage body. Lazy work.
Muslim terrorist entered in india. Blast bomb. Where keep blast bomb?
An environment were not study lesson in india country.
Now less department environment. Now go work environment. Leave out terrorist muslim.

In state maharashtra more population stay job. Out maharashtra state build not house office, college, school. Now new building office, college, school there (out maharshtra state start new building office, college, school, etc)

A muslim people were stay confess in india country,. Hindu and muslim are not rebate, fight. Hindu and muslim are opposing religion.
A india people dropped muslim. Where job not?
Terrorist muslim entered blast bomb. A muslim people make money for blast bomb.

Tobacco spit , dirty city not safe clean city. No see safe security…crowd people, hide terrorist muslim keep blast bomb.

U remember smell blast bomb, how smell blast bomb?

From government make money machine computer showing city, use red colour keep blast bomb…

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