Tuesday, September 9, 2008


From: "dinesh malshe" dinesh.malshe@gmail.com Subject: dinesh malsheDate: Mon, 8 Sep 2008 20:53:53 +0530respectful manager sir...why confusion? looked down message: see deceived message??The "Free" WebsiteWhen you sign up for the program, you'll see that it provides a "free"web site to its users so that they can make money right away. But thefree web site really isn't free - you have to pay for the hosting ofthe web site, and you have to do it through the company that UltimateWealth Package recommends. In my experience, these free web sites arenot worth your time.I do not necessarily think that this is an underhanded technique; itis good business. In fact, Mark Warren, the owner of Ultimate WealthPackage, creates these "free" websites for many of the big names onthe internet. Without learning proper marketing, however, users areunable to generate any income from these websites, and no good isdone. If, however, Ultimate Wealth Package truly showed its users howto use this web site and duplicate the discussed strategies, it may beworth the time.The October DropIn October 2007, Ultimate Wealth Package was dropped by its paymentprocessor, Clickbank. Clickbank is a reputable company, and it decidedthat the program did not meet its standards, and it cut ties withthem. This was due to numerous customer complaints, poor educationalmaterials, and a failure to fulfill what it promised.One of the big promises that Ultimate Wealth Package made was itsmoney back guarantee. While I was able to help many people get theirmoney back, the company ignored many requests for refunds. Whendissatisfied customers inquired about getting refunded, UltimateWealth Package did not respond. Although I was able to help people gettheir money, people who did not know how to go about getting it wereleft empty handed.SummaryUltimate Wealth Package is one of the sad stories of internetmarketing. While they teach a very good strategy that I believe isworth researching, they teach it in a way that is not attractive andcan cost the user a lot of money. While I used to be a supporter ofthis program, I believe that the company has lost their way. Affiliatemarketing is a great strategy, but there are programs that exist thatget right to the point.If you are looking for a way to make money on the internet withaffiliate marketing, I suggest Wealthy Affiliate asa good alternative to Ultimate Wealth Package.google adwords wrote down message...Hello Dinesh,Thank you for your email. I understand you're concerned with your recentexperience with Ultimate Wealth Package. Please be aware that AdWords isGoogle's advertising program and is completely separate from UltimateWealth Package. Ultimate Wealth Package is in no way connected to,employed by, or endorsed by Google.I'm happy to help you with any AdWords-related questions you may have.However, we're not in a position to intervene in any disputes betweenadvertisers and Ultimate Wealth Package. If you're concerned with theservices offered by Ultimate Wealth Package, I would strongly encourageyou to contact them directly.Need help fast? Visit the AdWords Help Group to get quick help and advicefrom other Google AdWords users. Join the discussion to share your AdWordsexperiences or search for answers at.Sincerely,The Google AdWords India Team

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