Sunday, August 10, 2008

FACT:"There were 565.7 million Internet users worldwide at theend of 2002, and there will be 633.6 million at the end of2003. This amounts to 67.9 million per year, or 5.66 millionper month (in 2007). That's 189,000 per day, 7,875 per hour, 131.25 per minute,or 2.2 new Internet users every second of the day worldwide,translating to a new Internet user going on-line every .45seconds this year." - eMarketer. March 2007FACT:"On-line Shopping is exploding NOW! 2008 Market Projectionssay E-Commerce will produce 7 Trillion." - ForresterResearch, March 2007FACT:"In the Internet age, the GREATEST risk is being leftbehind." - Newsweek, December, 2007

The Power of Direct Marketing----Even if you decide this business is not for you, thefollowing information will help you understand a trueworld-wide phenomenon of independent business owners thatare generating over 105 billion dollars worldwide a year insales.What is the definition of "marketing"? Many say it is"advertising."Unfortunately, the common definition of marketing is whathits us every day--advertisements. It's estimated theaverage person is exposed to over 3,000 advertisingmessages per day! The fact is that advertising is becomingless and less effective. Think about it. Most people hardlynotice most of the advertising gimmicks constantlybombarding them, even the "in-your-face" ads. What is mosteffective way advertisers would love to share a product oropportunity?--"word of mouth."A recent study by Euro RSCG, one of the largest advertisingagencies in the world, found that consumers get most oftheir information from:34% Word of mouth20% Websites13% AdvertisingWhat's even more interesting are the sources that generatedthe highest interest for a product or service:40% Referrals from colleagues or family15% Magazines4% Print ads4% TV ads1% Billboards0% RadioThink of how powerful word-of mouth is. The last time I ateat a great restaurant or chose a movie, it was based on therecommendation of a friend. Most people don't realize thatthey are natural marketers. The difference betweenrecommending a restaurant to a friend and introducing themto "healthy chocolate" is you get paid!I'm also excited that I am paid as an independent businessowner for doing something I already normally do, tellingothers about something they will enjoy and will benefitthem.The Healthy Chocolate opportunity allows people to earn alittle extra spending money each month or to build andmaintain significant wealth for years to come. The greatthing is that whatever level you decide to pursue, all ofthe tools you need to succeed are provided.

If you are still wondering about the power of DirectMarketing, here's some interesting news.---- Corporate America Is Catching On ----Last year, Warren Buffett's biggest purchase was ThePampered Chef ... Hallmark's Binney and Smith is launchingits own direct-selling company, called Big Yellow Box byCrayola ...If you've never been involved with Direct Marketing, we'rethe perfect company to start with. Right now, almost 90% ofour distributors have never been involved with this kind ofopportunity.What does that tell you?1. Healthy chocolate is making this opportunity even moreenticing for individuals.2. People are tired of their current circumstances or lackof earning potential and are looking for a change.3. It's incredibly easy for anyone to get started with ourbusiness building system.4. There is low cost opportunity for getting started thatdoesn't require you to "sell the farm."
Chocolate is the most sought after food product in the world, the key ingredient for love and romance. And now there's a new dark chocolate product that is farhealthier than any other. It's a combination of pure,unprocessed cocoa, extracts from the acai berry that ismedically-recommended as an antioxidant, and agave nectar,a low-calorie natural plant sweetener, is the healthyalternative to processed dark chocolate products thatcontain sugar and milk powders. Take a position before anyone else gets in: http://healthy.tjzbiz.comTalk about powerful and easy to do! But hurry, every secondyou wait, the more people are passing you by.

Xocai Healthy Chocolate is OPEN TO THE U.S, Canada, Aust, NZ, Japan and the UK NEW ONLY...Today, "xocalatl" is now a revolutionized and patentedprocess to create a Healthy Chocolate. Chocolate is the most sought after food product in the world. And now there's a new dark chocolate product that is far healthier than any other. It's a combination of pure, unprocessed cocoa, extracts from the acai berry that is medically-recommended as an antioxidant, and agave nectar, a low-calorie natural plant sweetener, is the healthy alternative to processed dark chocolate products that contain sugar and milk powders. Want a preview of what we're doing and how you can be a part of our Powerful TEAM ? Take some time and browse our website. If it clicks for you, call me ASAP.

1) Loaded With Antioxidants That Fight Free Radicals
2) Nutrient Rich Source of Flavonoids and Phytonutrients
3) Is Nature's Perfect Anti-Aging Food
4) Helps Support Cardiovascular Health
5) Improves Sleep and Sense of Well-Being
6) Promotes Proper Inflammation Response
7) Helps Control Appetite and Can Aid in Weightloss
8) Helps Protect Cellular Function and Communication
9) Helps Provide Natural Energy
10) Nutrition Never Tasted So Great!

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