Sunday, July 13, 2008

U will not dream astrology future u’re more children…u are making save money, make money wealth….stop two-three family’s children. ( u see astrology future u’re more children. After U will fail life)
Now start decrease population…get job….

All world – America nuclear consent? Can PM say beggar nuclear job? An American people sleep day, call all world go America?

Do not beggar. Freedom work.
All world people go service to America, not sure need service. But election card?
All world people are going service to America country. An American people get not service in his country.
The country are working his freedom.

The muslim people want nuclear.. why not? The terrorist attack us….

One person freedom, city freedom, state freedom, country freedom…

How work nuclear ? net social marketing, an internet marketing, education and not sure need service…

It is difference model technical system but may not service repair system.
All world same one name HP computer product, may service repair system.

And from company other coutries same one name google. And how work all world same one name company…

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