Monday, July 7, 2008

Health shocker
Supermarket ready meals are all too often laden with fat, salt and preservatives. Find the lasagna challenge flyer enclosed in your pack to see how nutritious and delicious our lasagna is compared with supermarket versions.
Be good to your body and your taste buds too!
Simple Easy Network Marketing - The GoogleSnatch Way
Simple easy network marketing is possible if you go about setting up your internet business in a simple logical manner. And, it does not need to cost you a arm and a leg to get started. In this article I am going to attempt to show you in brief how this can be done. And how you can earn extra income with only the basic computer skills.
Internet marketing in essence is a simple and easy concept. What can make it difficult is the lack of the correct "how to" information. Oh there are thousands of Ebooks written by the so called Guru's. All claiming to have the secret of overnight riches. But, here is the shocker. There is no such thing as instant online wealth!
To have any level of success in network marketing you will need to prepare yourself for the long Haul. It will take time and a lot of hard work. You will also need a good helping of determination and perseverance to keep you going. So, if you are by nature a very lazy person. Then internet marketing is not for you.
The first decision you need to make is how do you intend to make money. Will it be with the creation of your own website, selling your own product, joining some or other Multi-level-marketing scheme or by selling other peoples products.?
Selling other peoples products for a commission is by far the easiest way to start network marketing. The number one resource for this type of marketing is Click bank. This is a good place to find products to market, and membership is free. There are thousands upon thousands of products to choose from and the commissions paid are reasonably high, so you efforts will be well rewarded.
As selling other peoples products is the easiest way to start in internet marketing, I am going to take you though the steps that you need to follow to market other peoples products.
Firstly, you will need to decide on a product. It can be any product that offers a reasonable commission. As a rule of thumb, I would not go for any product paying less then $10.00 commission. Important! DO NOT! select products related to the internet marketing field. It is the highest paid market. But, there is just too much competition in this area. Rather focus on products from other niche areas such as health, entertainment etc.
Once you have the product, you need to decide on how you are going to market it. There are two basic methods, either by paid advertising with Adwords at Google. The only downside with Google Adwords is that the ads can, if not done correctly, cost you a bundle.
The second method would be to do the marketing from your own website. For the long-term benefits that a website offers. I would opt for the own website option. So this is where I will concentrate the next step.
Now comes the tricky part. You need to decide on keywords linked to the product. (words that people type in the search engine to find the product). There are lots of free keyword suggestion tools available to help you in this area. A simple search would guide you to them.
Next you will design and build your website around the product and the related keywords. Once again, there are free website designing tools available that make the task very easy for the newcomer to web design.
once this is completed, you will need to register a domain name for your website and also a hosting company, through which you will present your website to the world. There are many reasonable companies out there that offer these services.
And finally, you will need to attract visitors to your website who will buy the product or products that you are selling. There are a number of ways that this can be done, but the most effective method is by writing articles and submitting them to Article Directories.
In this article I have given you the basic steps to follow to set up your own business. However it is not what you do but how you do it that will govern your level of success. Knowledge is power and with some knowledge in the key areas. You will find that Simple Easy Network Marketing is possible

How to Make $1,000's Weekly with a Health Internet Business of Your very Own
Making money online could be very frustrating most especially when you don't have the technical know how. And more worrisome when the opportunity come knocking and been ignored. That you are reading this shows that you are on your way to success. Wise Online Entrepreneurs know that the best selling products online are health products and health-related ebooks, books, tapes, newsletter subscriptions, etc.
Now permit me to introduce to you World famous Doctor, Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst, who has just released her latest "shocker!" that makes it possible for just about anyone to profit from this here me right, anyone interested in making money online.She's making it possible for someone to get a fully-operational online "store" that specializes in "health-related" goods and services.
Literally now anyone can get a complete Internet "health" business in a box!This complete website has a main product as well as up to 90 separate products that all center around breakthrough health products. And where YOU can earn some really huge cash.It seems that Dr. Suzanne has really done her homework (especially for your benefit!
First she correctly determined that according to Forrester Research (which is perhaps the most powerful & accurate online research database to date!) "health-related" products and information is by far the most sought after things anywhere online.Despite what you might have thought, about internet businesses, health products are the most searched for items on the Internet. Still don't believe this then go to google and type the word "health" you will be amazed what you will get from your search.
Second, Dr. Suzanne's "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret" shook the entire World with its release recently - and she's even made a special lead-capture page that you also get central to this amazing site!Why is this important? Simple: because Dr. Suzanne's affiliates are making millions right now with what is perhaps one of ClickBank's hottest products (and this same product is the central seller at your new health e-Biz site!)
Third, the site you get also acts as a "database" that never stops growing so that you get 10,000's of customers you can continue to sell to over and over again other things! Why is this important Again, it is very simple: anyone who's wise online knows that "backend" sales are chief to making long term and extra profits! that is making money on a continous bases while you smile to your bank. I bet you your banker will love you for it.
Dr. Suzanne's new "Health Biz In a Box" complete and fully-operational website you get for next to nothing contains an electronic "Automatic Sales Manager" (like a salesman robot - Ha!) built-in that works to upsell to your list over and over again so that you enjoy additional "automatic" income!
Fourth, Dr. Suzanne health-biz site also includes a complete health-related products Shopping Mall, so that your site visitors stopping by are likely to buy at least 1 to up to 90 additional products creating instantly for you up to over a dozen other income streams! As if all this weren't enough, the fifth (and perhaps the very best) thing about this automatic seller is the tiny spokesmodel "Rachel" that literally walks out onto your Health-Biz site and guides your site visitors (like a tour guide) through your entire site and what it has to offer!Dr. Suzanne carefully tested the site both with and without "Rachel" and accurately determined that the addition of "Rachel" boosted sites sales by as much as 396% (meaning nearly 4 times as many sales!)
And all these amazing features stand to make you very, very rich as you get all of them with your own "Health Biz In a Box" website! It has been rumored that Dr. Suzanne may put a ceiling on the number of these Internet "health-biz" sites she's giving out in order to avoid everyone having one and risking market saturation...or what do you think?
Guess what! I should have added above that not only do you get all the things I've described thus far, but you also get professional customized set up at no extra charge! That's right! - Dr. Suzanne's own Team of web experts actually build your "Health Biz" for you so you don't have to!
They will design your site,put all the 90 income streams into place, install the electronic sales manager for you, add sharp selling graphics, add powerful videos, add several other webpages and a complete online shopping mall of health products!
Good job, I believe you now fully ready to lunch into this lucrative business. So all is now left with you to take ACTION and be part of this best instant online ventures worth your time.
Like I said ealier, if we go by what is being rumured that Dr. Suzanne's will put a ceiling number then, I strongly advise to take advantage of this offer as it's first come, first serve bases.

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