Thursday, July 24, 2008


Do u like who election vote for ? u liked who election vote for, CONFESS!!! U see EXCEPT dearth money. The vote for stand speak newsletter hear them, but will not get future day. u heard not vote for. U taken vote for CONFESS, after u believe not prime minister, chief minister vote for. U can accept . U except not vote for government and private. From government department get by u.
U can not except beggar to vote for

Are u poor payment? U make less payment, CONFESS!!!.. u make not dearth money oil, rockel, petrol, light-bill, gas-cylinder. U make less payment oil, rockel, light-bill. U can farmer, milk-man, vegetable, clothes, go bicycle and less make wealth pay etc. and u can not loan. Avoid u make money smoke, tobacco, drink alcohol? save not money. take double money go to medical, hospital. u save not money bill hospital.
Can u make money loan? Poor farmer people did mistake suicide.
From where get payment? U work environment U believe not nuclear . from Nuclear get them. The government are not available money. An environment are available money, u work labor, get payment. Now start u work less payment CONFESS , next save money. And NOT family’s more children. Some children save money…
Your name are working aria freedom on level, register in government, take less tax payment, but can not loan and private. U dream not poor and rich payment.
Where get work? U search work, how u like work? No lazy work day.

I seen India newsletter that why fighting vote for?
UPA wins to fight another day
Govt wins confidence motion by 19 votes
Parliament has spoken, says PM
Congrats! Let’s continue work on N-deal, US tellsUPA

PM tears into BJP in reply to debate
Ten absent BJP leadership

Congress say , congress MP speech was marked by interruptions by the BSP which led to the Lok Sabha being adjourned when started by referring to his recent visit to village district where he interacted with cottage people.
Cottage people family earned Rs. 150 ( $ 3 dollars) a day and did not have electricity though the children were confident of realizing their goals. As spoke of his interaction with family, a window with nine children, he was frequently interrupted by BSP members.

Question : Us welcomes UPA trust vote win, why?
Answer : ( I wrote newsletter) An American citizen people get not job, sleep day. Call India people go to job, but permanent not ELECTION CARD . and all world name COMPANY, job in U.S.A.

Why more population in India? Get not job, admit not education.

In India people are scholarship excellent CONFESS!!! And other countries can knowledge his freedom excellent. No except beggar excellent job. And nuclear send excellent lesson….
The India is freedom RUPEE cash, are not American DOLLAR in India country.
( Before year newsletter heard family’s one OR two children by India people. Now forgotten day)

How nuclear? Education, foreign exchange, traveler and all world one name company.

IRAN-IRAQ-AFGHANISTAN want nuclear, why not? The terrorist attack us.

Obama on Kabul mission
Meets karzai, Afghanistan rebuilding effort is focus of talks
US democratic presidential hopeful Barack obama on Sunday met afghan president Hamid karsai, who has been criticised by the Illinois senator for not doing enough to rebuild his war-torn country.

From America send not nuclear machine war to countries.
Stop war fight. War can not fighting day.
Start work environment… leave out terrorist….

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