Thursday, July 10, 2008


i was saw TV . I have seen book, global warning.
I know , Will guess next all world worries country and natural distress? why more pollution, more population, more water....? now less earth... more water wet earth & break earth. war terrorist break earth. Before year countries were good happy , but not study lesson. People are not knowing future day damage that people liked habit sweet harmful tobacco, smoke, drink alcohol. Unclean city people used dirty, dust , pollution on the road & earth. A pollution , used dirty, dust hence an environment worse over to sky. Cloud away out. Here rainy season, rain dropped not water down city. Out city cloud came , rain drop water down the jungle & mountain. Rain drop water flow to river. River flow to sea and out city cloud go to river/sea. Rain drop water down river/sea, water flow to city. Why natural distress? more water wet earth, war terrorist break earth. stop war. (from once country war to second country. when after year second contry war back first country) stop war.... all world do social work. Terrorist get not drink, eat, medicine. make not wealth war by people ( hide terrorist)Do not dirty, dust, pollution. Clean city. Cloud come , rain drop water down city, jungle & mountain. Stop natural distress… it is evaporation difficult climate more water sea, Out earth throw more water to space . Do ready sea less water. More earth..Health- avoid tobacco, smoke, drink alcohol but make not save money wealth. Do not spit dust on the city, garden , home, office, an earth. Newsletter heard by people. Why people close not harmful? People are not knowing future day damage. Before year all world countries less population. Now more population, but people get not job,Where get job? Freedom state people work building construction, water supply, clean city, agriculture and food; etc.From government department learned not lesson that population stop his three-four children. More, more population get not job. Person’s three-four children near his make not money wealth. Children leave out. Children do not steal, brave. go work building construction, water supply, clean city, agriculture and food; etc.I know that from government department learned not lesson subject of the malaria, clean city, stop family’s three-four children, birth certificate, safe water, wash vegetable and hand; etc…I saw TV that Down five child hear newsletter one day expedition PULS POLIO. And The newsletter opened not hear BIRTH CERTIFICATE, medical . Now hear newsletter one day free expedition birth certificate, medical.

People are not utilize believe. The government are registering office.

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