Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What is dearth petrol? want Dearth petrol is money ? CONFESS ARE MONEY PETROL INCREASE & DECREASE. Do u want money his pocket, make smoke, cigarette, tobacco?
The vehicle driver crowd traffic on the road, problem accident & away out pollution. Now less vehicle driver and u go bus-stop to office.
Money make dearth petrol, where keep money petrol? U see, The leadership is not keeping dearth money his pocket . Do BLACK dearth money his leadership? u see where keep dearth money? u stop vehicle, stop dearth money...
Keep dearth money change disaster, donation, service payment. The money is freedom his country. The Dollar transfer are not available all countries.
The money are not saving his country. U are working an environment , keep a tree. A tree increase his herbal & wood supply, use cash supplement.
Do not break a tree, do not steal a tree. Do not dirty, dust near tree.
An environment keep tree in the earth, use tree herbal & wood supply. A tree wind air remedy. u are walking march like near a tree, sit chat near a tree...

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