Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Before year human evolution were not avoid tobacco, smoke, drink alcohol. The human evolution was worked research development, started lesson. now forgetten lesson.
Now people like habit sweet tobacco, smoke, drink alcohol.

Poor and rich people are avoid habit like sweet tobacco, smoke, drink alcohol.

Poor people make loss money tobacco, smoke, drink alcohol hence danger cancer double make loss money go to medical doctor & admit in the hospital and save not make money change wealth.

Rich people make loss money tobacco, smoke, drink alcohol, double loss money go to medical doctor, admit in the hospital and save money change wealth. The rich people are working more hour. Avoid tobacco, smoke, drink alcohol hence danger break cancer, brain the body.

People say that I can’t say the unhealthy costs more money. ..... The stockade for those who smoke cigarettes and eat red meat? ...
Too many people both in and out of government make far too much money off of the .... If you smoke, u don't exercise time . u drink alcohol and then you get cancer, ...
I used to smoke. People who go on smoko breaks should be docked pay. ... Time is money and when one adds to the actual loss of work time, the usual extra ...
Money has become more important than people. This cannot be allowed to be reality. ...... dollars go into tobacco, obesity, and alcohol related illnesses? ...
They're being banished from licensed venues, forced to step out of offices, now they're talking about cutting their pay.
A management body in Italy, the Intersectoral Group of Personnel Directors wants to dock the pay of workers who head out for a cancer stick
All part of a trend that seems to be happening around the world where smokers are being made to pay for their time out.
Earlier this year, we had of China announcing it would be holding a tobacco-free Olympics in 2008. Extraordinary really for a country where 60 per cent of men smoke, which grows a third of the world's tobacco, manufactures a third of its cigarettes and is home to a third of its smokers, even though it accounts for only 22 per cent of the world's population.But then, smoking bans are found all over the world and according to this Australia seems to some of the most stringent rules. But then, there's Bhutan which has banned smoking and tobacco sales outright. Indeed, Austria seems to be one of the last remaining havens for smokers, according this news report
So how far should smoking restrictions go? Should workers be docked pay if they want a quiet puff? If you're a smoker, how do you deal with smoking bans at work? Hey, I guess there's always Austria. Actually, the coffee's pretty good there

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