Saturday, June 7, 2008

The sound of heavy rain lashing against the roof or cascading down a window pane can be a very relaxing and captivating experience. The thought of being warm and dry inside can give us an inner peace and contentment that is difficult to put into words.
Whatever it is I must say that the sound of falling rain has a deeply hypnotic effect that can help one to thoroughly relax and unwind. It is a totally natural sound, a sound that has been heard with the ears of humans and animals alike for eons, almost as old as the earth itself. When you hear it you know that for millions of years the same sounds have been heard the world over ' timeless and forever.
Getting in touch with mother-nature is something we all should do from time to time however busy and hectic our lives may be. It is good to get back to nature and listen to her pure natural sounds, relax and recharge the batteries. Great music is okay and can be truly uplifting,but now and again one needs to let go and give our ears and brain a chance to rest in a waking state. Of course there is a place for great music in everyone's lives, just not all the time. Sometimes our body and soul just need the solace and tranquillity of pure nature sounds to really connect and just be.
However it is not always convenient to drop everything and go out into the countryside to hear pure nature sounds and if you did, how exactly do you make it rain? A great alternative is to invest in some pure nature sound recordings that you can play on your stereo, computer or personal mp3 player.
Pure nature sound recordings are available on compact disk from many trustworthy suppliers for your enjoyment. The best ones are those that are recordings of pure nature and not accompanied by music, voices or other distractions.
For example an hour CD of nothing but lashing and torrential rain can be a real soothing experience can leave you feeling refreshed and energised. A short break of only 5 or 10 minutes can still lower stress and allow you to chill out.
Whist many may listen to such sounds for relaxation and inspiration, many will listen to help send them to sleep, happy to be warm and comfortable in bed as the rain appears to lash down outside.

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