Thursday, May 22, 2008

Forgot exercise?
Daily day exercise are not time. The body is loss , break body.
U can not exercise time, why? Daily day u are working exercise day, when 15-20 minute exercise
exercise is important, away out unfit body.

QuestionQUESTION: Sorry for the double email. I forgot to mention that after the exercise i was very out of breath breathing deeply to get air. Also my upper chest near my throat kinda ached like when you run in the cold.Hi,I noticed when I exercise my systolic pressure goes up. I did 150 jumping jacks for example then did a blood pressure reading within a minute of stopping the exercise and it read 169/82 110bpm.I was wondering if this increase in blood pressure is normal and at what reading should I be concerned when I exercise? My resting blood pressure when i'm in a relaxed mood is usually less then 130/90. I went to the doc months ago and he did a resting blood reading and it was 118/80.Thanks for your help.ANSWER: Hi Chris,Interesting that you mentioned this. Hypertension during exercise that causes this symptom has been equated to angina. All the more reason to have a Stress Test.---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------QUESTION: thanks for your answer. I was wondering however, how much should one's blood pressure go up when exercising for a normal person. Also could the deep breathing just be caused by pushing my self too hard? Its like running in a race very fast in the end your so out of breath it hurts.thanks i will also ask my doc and get that test. AnswerHi Chris, Sorry for the delay.Blod pressure will rise during exercise but the rise shouldn’t be too outrageously high. Shortness of breath can be cause by over doing, yes, but the combination of that high a pressure and shortness of breath would prompt me to get a stress test on you were you my patient.

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