Saturday, May 31, 2008

Speak is quiet heart breath, speak slow normal breath.

Speak cry, anger heart breath danger.

A stroke is a condition very similar to heart attack, the only difference is that instead of attacking the heart this one attacks the brain, every second after a person has suffer from a stroke a brain cell dies, this doesn't sound terrible since most people know that we have millions of brain cells however, they are all vital for proper functioning of each part of our bodies.
When it comes to strokes there are two different kinds of them, let's take a look at each one:
Ischemic stroke:
When a blood vessel gets obstructed by a cloat the blood which flows into the brain and carries vital oxygen stops to flow into it, as a result the person starts to feel numb, disoriented, starts to have difficulty to communicate with others and several other symptoms may occur, they are mostly triggered by the lack of oxygen that the person's brain is getting. Over 80% of the attacks are attributed to this cause.
Hemorrhagic stroke color
When a blood vessel within the brain ruptures the blood that it carries flows into the surrounding tissue, this is yet another factor that contributes to the triggering a stroke. Since this blood vessel carried the blood to specific parts of the brain and is no longer doing so, brain cells begin to die because they are not getting enough oxygen.
It is important that patients who have family history of strokes as well as health conditions which may predispose them to suffer from such devastating attack to take some time to get more information about the effects of such dangers as well is getting educated about the symptoms and how to recognize them before they have an actual stroke.
Some of these symptoms are:
-- Sudden falls or lost of balance: these may be quite dangerous because a person may get externally injured which can add to the series of treatments which need to be applied. -- Blurry or dim vision -- Speech related problems: when brain cells start to get affected by the lack of oxygen, normal functions become extremely hard to accomplish. -- Dizziness, numbness, physical weakness, severe headaches as well is tingling in one part of the body are all very obvious signs of a stroke.
Make sure to get educated about these symptoms because waiting for an extended period of time (24 to 48+ hours) may cost you dearly.

Are prescription drugs costing you a fortune because of anxiety?
Feeling like you are in a haze or not feeling anything at all?
That's what happens when you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and have to be put on prescription medication.
I know because I am right where you are right now.
Dealing with angry outbursts.
Having to apologize to everyone around you for blowing up at them.
Making your own children afraid to talk to you for fear you might yell at them again.
Do you wake up in the night thinking about the upcoming deadline at work or are you not able to fall asleep at all?
Are you ever sitting in your car and surrounded by a lot of traffic and start having a panic attack?
Maybe it's thinking that you locked your keys in the car or forgetting to turn the oven off at home.
Whatever it is, you can't seem to stop the thoughts and lose valuable time in your day.
This is what we deal with every day of our lives because of anxiety.
It is something that we can't control yet want to so badly which is why we have chosen the medication route.
Maybe you are not taking anything yet but know that if you don't take care of it soon, things are going to start falling apart.
There are many medications you can try but not without many unwanted or harmful side effects.
The truth is, medication has serious side effects like nausea, fatigue, loss of libido, twitching, bleeding, bruising, heart palpitations, seizures, inability to cry, and even death just to name a few.
Here is an example of how you are going to feel:
Your days will be revolved around just trying to make it through until tomorrow when you have to start everything over again.
Doesn't it seem like you are already feeling that way? You don't need a prescription to do that.
Like many of us, you are desperately searching for something that doesn't have unwanted side effects or won't harm your body.
A great way to start is by seeing a professional that specializes in stress relief. They can teach you techniques that will help you to deal with high stress situations.
Go to a massage therapist once a month. If you can't afford this, go once every six months or have your husband/wife give you a massage. This could also help things in the romantic department.
Go for a walk in the morning before you have to start your day.
Meditation is also a great way to let the stress of the day melt off.
Don't forget the power of exercise, Yoga has been proven to help people remain stress free.

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