Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I stay here in pune city, India country.
Near coming summer season, after 15 march Early sun set 6 A.M. at morning and Late sun arise 7 P.M. at evening.
Between 7 A.M. to 6 P.M. sun near to earth, hot heat over temperature 35-40% . afternoon sun hot difficult day. Go not out afternoon/ go out visit more sweat ; drink juice & water. In summer season, I sit in my home/ office. Out I make sun glosses, cap.

Global warming under air-pollution on the road & land, over mountain is clean air.
in pune city over 100 % air pollution.

(Why global is clean? Vehicles are driving PUC. Over mountain is clean surrounding tree wind air, away sweat. On the road two side between line stand tree… house is out stand tree on the garden. )

At morning is coming start air-pollution and after 9 P.M. night away out air-pollution.
At night is clean air.

On the road traffic are more vehicles near crowed problem, ahead vehicles driver standing crossing on the road. Driving people see never red color circle on the traffic, ahead run driving away . vehicles driver is running busy, heasty.
WHY vehicles driving take never PUC and police traffic can never fine by vehicles driving. air pollution combined mix surrounding bad, sad headache, noise. I saw that Women make mask and men make never mask.
Air pollution come noise into body, heart problem hence avoid smoke, sun heat hot hence tobacco & pan-supari.

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