Monday, February 18, 2008

Three season : summer, rainy, winter…

I do not know , today summer day, tomorrow rainy season. Today summer weather change tomorrow rainy season. Summer hot sun, tomorrow hide sun, come cloudy on the sky. Sweat went change weather come clean air..

Summer day hot water change weather rainy season cloudy water. ( u remember summer day tomorrow weather rainy season, how do u clean water ?)

Eat plenty diet are different three season…
Are u trouble fever, headache, ill, cough, thirsty-stomach? How do incorrect u’re body?

In the summer season, from sun burn difficult near hot temperature to u. u use sun goggles, loose thin clothes & cap . Are u avoid smoke, tobacco, alcohol drink incorrect? Early go to hospital.

We are not work hospital .

In the rainy season, how do u clean water? ( unclean water flog, earthquake, land flow water) U remember that when come rainy water?

In the winter season, air dust city, vehicle driving air pollution combined winter dust climate.( U make mask, come not air in u’re noise.) Use a mask, mask is dot point in air. OR u make not mask, trouble cough, eye, problem cancer-breast, headache …

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