Sunday, February 17, 2008

Subject : Nature & Health…

Profit and loss…

Profit save money.
Loss save not money

Profit save money medicine & product . It is easy profit money.

Are u avoid smoke, drink alcohol, tobacco, HIV-AIDS, malaria, incorrect body, ? Loss money go to admit in the hospital department and all world shopping good never special medicine. Different medical problem. ( profit take money doctor consultant only.) It is not easy profit money, but loss money.
Nature and health are lesson newsletter…
Nature is free environment , money is not available & health is save money , do not money environment.

Nature is clean city & environment. (U work clean garden, home, city and u’re body)
Health is not general knowledge doctor.
Health is lesson · Any weight-loss plan needs for a lifetime and diabetic alliance…· How do u? Daily day -24 hours· Eat plenty of· Dieting-keeping the weight off· Drink plenty of fluids-especially water

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