Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I am stay here, pune city (India country). From home I go to office 25 KM at morning.
In pune city are more pollution (temperature level 120-140) . I am trouble cough in the winter season. I make mask. I am not problem cancer, an air pollution trouble (do never poison, dust pollution) in my necklace body. On the road traffic driving vehicle growled. My two wheeler vehicle is parking near bus stop. Daily day I sit in minibus go to office at 25 KM. I seen women people make mask. I make mask, air come not my noise, trouble cough. I am good fit, normal body, not fat . my height is 5’6”, weight 62-64. I smoke not cigarette, tobacco . when party beer bar friend. Daily day I drink not beer bar. I eat vegetable and an egg , not non-vegetable.
Here is good rest-environment , out road air pollution. I go to office problem environment there.

Since august 1996 year I am worked permanently service municipal corporation of the medical department.. I was worked emergency time. Now I am rest work. All department municipal corporation duties are working general (slow)time, no regularly work time.

I drink water own bottle , keep in bag, go to office.
There are change water. No special water tap. General tap water.

I seen visit unclean city on the road. And Good main clean road highway out side office, hotel, building, etc. and now starting new building construction ……

I am once good rest , no problem. out people office roar heard me.
I am single. I have not married. I search marry. I am not liked satisfied service, but I was not got good service. I am worked permanently service grade-4 of the medical department.
I was win prize claim freelotto millions. Now I am poor. I could not laptop computer. I sat cyber café computer out my home. Now I sit broadband computer in my home, slow server. I was not foreign experience . I went not air-line trip tour. I have subscription readers digest , India country. I copied experience readers digest, then I had send a check draft to CEO ultimate wealth package LLC , change life WebBusinessSecret LLc. Now I start work home business. LOOK Next year RICH LIFE???

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